Communication Board:

Does your medical setting serve patients with complex communication needs, learning disabilities, or English language barriers? A Voice 4 All's communication board can bridge the communication gap, improving patient care and reducing frustration. Our clear, universally understood PCS symbols allow patients to express their needs, symptoms, and pain levels effectively, leading to more accurate diagnoses and better treatment outcomes.

The Medical Communication board is ideal for use in nurse's offices, GP consultations, and other medical settings, promoting a more inclusive and patient-centered healthcare experience. Explore A Voice 4 All and empower clear communication for all your patients.

Our external communication board is made from a rigid composite panel which is weather and UV resistant for 5-7 years with a variety of fixing options available. Our internal communication board is made from foamex and can be easily wall mounted within the school classroom or premises.
W: 1150mm  x  H: 970 mm

Prices start from £160 excluding shipping.  Available off the shelf or bespoke to your educational facility. 

Installation available -  our site team is more than happy to fit on site(additional charges apply)

A Voice 4 All Medical  Communication Board in green the image shows the Communication Board in from view with all the  communication icons visible.